Transform a Chaotic Kitchen

Restaurants no longer have to face cluttered tablets when using third-party online ordering services such as DoorDash and Grubhub. We don't just consolidate all of your customer orders from these providers we fully integrate your restaurant's workflow through our streamlined order management solutions.

Seamless Integration

The pandemic has changed us all and thus the ecosystem we spent decades building. Food delivery services have surged during the pandemic, a trend that could continue even beyond COVID-19. It makes more sense now than ever for restaurants to generate more revenue by partnering with as many delivery services as possible.

But new problems arise when each delivery service provider supports its own standalone device with its own proprietary software. This situation makes it difficult for restaurant owners and operators to manage orders from different sources. The side effects of this inherited mess include low order accuracy, increased turnaround time, lost orders and ultimately lost customers.

We provide solutions that enable restaurants owners and operators like you to manage orders seamlessly, which reduces errors and improves operational efficiency. You can manage all of your orders through a cloud-based dashboard from any device, whether it's a smartphone, tablet or PC. We also offer a POS-integration solution so both your online and in-store orders can be managed seamlessly.

Built for Growth

Whether for the front or back of the house, we design our solutions to save time spent manually handling online orders so your staff can focus on making more dough.

Improved Customer Experience
  • Order tracking from start to finish, prevents missing orders
  • Barcode scanning to prevent orders from being delivered to the wrong customers
  • A consistent print format across platforms to prevent order errors
  • Auto-confirmation and printing, which reduce turnaround time
Low Cost
  • Priced for small businesses
  • 1000 orders/month plan starts at just $39.99/month
Flexible Plans
  • Four simple tiered plans to choose from
  • Seamless upgrading as you grow
  • No contract - you pay monthly or one time yearly at a discounted price
Cloud Based App
  • A cloud-based, responsive Web app for order management
  • No more app update nightmares
Business Insights
  • Powerful reporting tool to optimize your menu and grow your business
Optional Storefront
  • Your own branded online store
  • Your own responsive Web app for mobile ordering
  • Payment processing
  • Seamless integration with our order-management app
  • No Commission for online orders
  • Features include delivery dispatch, smart scheduling and smart promotions

About Us

The founder of Orderint has extensive experience from years in the restaurant industry and the technology sector. In fact, Orderint was born from its founder's need to sustain his low-margin restaurant businesses by maximizing order revenue with minimal resources. Today, we have the best and most innovative team in the industry, and we are backed by a major Silicon Valley investor.

Our Solutions

Unlike other order-consolidation services, we support many existing hardware devices, which reduces the number of devices you have to maintain on your premises. For instance, we support all major brands' receipt and label printers so you don't have to find space for a new one. And you don't have to maintain a tablet to manage your orders. All orders incoming will be accepted and printed automatically.

1 Print Orders

The online orders will be routed directly to configured printers. All incoming orders will be accepted and printed automatically. Our software supports receipt printers from most major brands, such as EPSON and STAR, so you can use your existing printer to print all of your online orders. We also support label printers from most major brands, such as Zebra and Dymo. Barcodes on printed labels can ensure your orders are tracked properly and thus reduce mishandling of orders by your staff.

2 Display Orders

All online orders will be shown on a kitchen display. Our kitchen display app makes managing the kitchen workflow a breeze. You can have as many screens as you need, each assigned to different stations to optimize the workflow. And you won't need expensive hardware to go paperless. You can use any tablet that supports a Web browser, and you can choose the screen size based on the mounting distance for better visibility. The app provides many cook-friendly customization features. Kitchen displays can be complemented with label/receipt printers to make your order management more powerful.

3 Branded Storefront

This is the best value solution. You get both third-party online order management and your own branded online store order management in one low-cost package. This package features a powerful, responsive, mobile-friendly Web app that supports smart scheduling, which gives you control over throttling orders during peak hours. Throttling occurs across all orders received, including third-party online orders. And if you don't have in-house delivery drivers, you can assign all delivery orders from your storefront to DoorDash through our delivery-dispatch feature. DoorDash charges a flat fee for delivery services. This solution also provides a path to replace your decades-old POS in the future.

4 POS Integration

We also offer a POS-integration solution so your POS can handle your order management. But beware: your POS may limit your order-management capabilities. Unlike the other three solutions, this is a standalone solution and can't be complemented with other solutions. Currently, Square is the only POS platform we support, but other platforms are in the works.

Plans and Pricing

Choose the annual plan and save up to 30%

Print Orders



With the annual plan, you save $199, including the setup fee

  • Up to two receipt printers and one label printer
  • Includes a cloud-based order app
  • Requires a print server which costs $99
  • Setup fee $99 (waived with the annual plan)
  • Up to 1,000 order transactions per month
  • $10 for 500 additional transactions

Display Orders



With the annual plan, you save $199, including the setup fee

    Everything in Print Orders plan PLUS

  • Support up to three stations
  • $10/month for three additional more stations
  • Includes a touch-based cloud app
  • Seperate queues for each station to track orders
  • Supports one wireless barcode scanner

Branded Storefront



With the annual plan, you save $299, including the setup fee

    Everything in Display Orders plan PLUS

  • Your own branded online storefront
  • Smart order scheduling
  • Doordash-drive delivery dispatch
  • Payment processing
  • Seamless integration with the order app
  • Puts you one step away from replacing your POS

POS Integration


  • We simply route all orders to your POS

    standalone solution, doesn't work with our other solutions.

  • Your POS handles the order printing, reporting, etc.
  • Onboarding might take up to 4 weeks.
  • POS might limit the order-management capabilities.
  • Currently we support very few POS

    Contact us for supported POS vendors

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